New website for the Statistical Society of Australia

Following in the footsteps from last year, the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA) continued rebranding by launching a new website on 4 Dec 2018.

I have been actively leading the committee that commissioned and implemented the new website.

The website was designed by Converge Design and is hosted using the Wild Apricot association management system.

More than a website

Moving to a new website ended up taking us more than a year. A website is a central point of information and interacts with many other systems. Finding an appropriate platform to use that suited our requirements and budget was a complex task.

Our initial motivation was to update the look and feel of the website. In doing so, we also made substantial changes ‘under the hood’. We now have a completely integrated system for managing our membership database, events calendar, email announcements, billing and, of course, our website. This should make many of our administrative tasks much easier going forward.

Old website

We say goodbye to our old website…

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